Cyber Security

What we did

  • Brand Refinement
  • Web Design & Development

This cyber security business was lumbered with a mismatched brand that didn’t represent its industry-leading structure. Together with an outdated website, it couldn’t reach or talk to its audience effectively enough. Its identity needed refining and its web presence needed drastic improvement.

Our investigations into where KryptoKloud wanted to go and what it means to its clients led us to build a highly sophisticated new website that utilises a headless architecture. This approach not only makes the site robust and stable, but also allows it to grow with the business and needs.

We then brought the brand identity to life on the new site, to show the business at the cutting edge of cyber intelligence. Fonts and colours evoke strength and proactivity, whilst images emphasise technology.

  • Focussed, attentive, creative … The Carlsberg of Web Design Teams.