ECI Software Solutions


Technology / Software

What we did

  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Film
  • Interior Branding
  • Stand Design
  • Copywriting

ECI is a leading software solutions provider that creates ERP systems and supplies them to organisations worldwide. As its retained agency for brand communications, we continue to produce assets that match ECI’s brand identity perfectly, activating that brand to wider audiences.

Whilst our work for the business is predominantly digital, it features across a broad range of channels. From integrated campaigns that focus on specific products and services, to animation and short films, via designs for office interiors and event spaces that reflect the brand for staff and visitors, it means ECI can be confident that the brand will remain a strong commercial asset.

Making sure that the messaging, tone and appearance of the business is consistent, however it is received and experienced, allows the business to build stronger relationships with its customers.